Parade   Ford's 138
Parade, by Alfred Uhry, directed by Stephen Rayne at Ford's Theatre  9/22/11
Set Design: Tony Cisek
Costume Design: Wade Laboissonniere
Lighting Design: Pat Collins

Photograph © T Charles Erickson

Parade Book By Alfred Uhry | Music And Lyrics By Jason Robert Brown | Co-Conceived By Harold Prince | Musical Direction By Steven | Landau | Choreographed By Karma Camp | Directed By Stephen Rayne

September 23 - October 30, 2011

The Tony Award-winning musical drama Parade is based on the true story of Leo Frank’s trial and lynching in early 20th-century Atlanta.

Ostracized for his faith and Northern heritage, Jewish factory manager Leo Frank is accused of murdering a teenaged factory girl the day of the annual Confederate Memorial Day parade. Alfred Uhry’s award-winning book and Jason Robert Brown’s rousing, colorful and haunting score illuminate a circus of conflicting accounts, false testimony and mishandled evidence in a town reeling with social and racial tension. Isolated from the world, Leo develops a new and deeper love for his wife, who tirelessly crusades for his freedom. Stephen Rayne (The Heavens Are Hung In Black, Sabrina Fair) directs this compelling and provocative tale of justice miscarried, revealing a country at odds with its declarations of equality. Tony-Award nominee Euan Morton stars as Leo Frank.

First featured production for The Lincoln Legacy Project:
Five-year effort to create a dialogue around the issues of tolerance, equality and acceptance

Production Stars Euan Morton As Leo Frank

Ford's Theater

511 Tenth St, Washington, DC.

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