It Might Be Fun

Paul Richards, WHLI Radio

“I was actually on the verge of choking up when I was listening to this album for the first time. I had a feeling it was going to move me deep inside and it did. I already knew going in how good she is. But this CD exceeded my expectations. Her team is so lucky to have each other. The big three as I like to call them. The arrangements and orchestrations by Lanny Meyers are some of the finest I’ve heard recently. Bruce Kimmel can write with the best of them. Listening to the album, I didn’t know who to fall in love with, Sandy or Bruce for his incredible songs. Man, can he write. And then there’s Sandy Bainum herself. If I were Lanny or Bruce, I’d thank my lucky stars to have a vehicle such as her to carry my material as brilliantly as she does. One minute, she can really rouse you up to great musical heights; the next minute she can break your heart. It’s really a combination of the sound of her voice and her impeccable phrasing. She knows her way around a tune, that’s for sure. And the camera loves her as much as I do. She’s absolutely gorgeous. This album is going to receive the highest treatment an album can achieve here at WHLI. She will definitely become a three time ”Artist of the Week” and we plan to feature this album for a good long stretch.”
WHLI Radio