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NoHo Arts Review of “Accommodation”

““Accommodation” is an extraordinary play. Truly. And this cast of brilliant, mostly female actors is absolutely incredible. They leave it all on the stage, as they say, with their riveting and poignant performances.”

—Samantha Simmonds-Ronceros,

Review: ACCOMMODATION | Broadway World

“The teacher, Celeste Dawkins is vividly portrayed with all her emotional baggage by Sandy Bainum, her every move reflecting her overwhelming dedication to teaching as well as her ever-exploding anger when challenged by anyone as to her ability to do her job well.”

—Shari Barrett,

Accommodation Review – Splash Magazines

“The talented cast does an excellent job of studying the issues from multiple perspectives. ACCOMMODATION is strongly recommended for parents, teachers, students, and – given the impact of these concerns on society as a whole – every citizen.”

—Elaine Mura, Splash Magazines

Accommodation | Stage Raw Reviews

“Bainum is a veritable force of nature as the volatile, disillusioned and burned-out teacher. Her quicksilver emotions roll out effortlessly, smoothly and fully. Bradshaw is sympathetic and utterly believable as a desperate parent advocating for her son.”

—Iris Mann, Stage Raw

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