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Private (2022) Review

“Private is anchored by two excellent performances that help make their characters more than a stereotypical femme fatal and boozy gumshoe…Sally Danforth (Sandy Bainum, There’s a Special Place in Hell For Fashion Bloggers, Friendly Neighborhood Coven) a chorus girl who married money hired him to find her missing husband.”

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—Charlie Barnett, Voices From The Balcony

What’s In-Store Music | Out & About with Sandy Bainum

“Sandy Bainum has been a mainstay of the What’s In-Store Music Holiday program since it began seven years ago. Her rendition of “Sleigh Ride” is once again a top-playing holiday song this year.”

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—Bob Catania, What's In Store Music

‘The 12 Days Of Christmas Eve’

“Now that he’s finally lined up that Frasier reboot, Kelsey Grammer is turning his attention to the holidays. The veteran actor will star opposite his daughter Spencer in The 12 Days of Christmas Eve as part of the network’s 2022 It’s Wonderful Lifetime holiday slate.”

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—Lynette Rice, Deadline

The Power of Charisma in Theatre

“What’s outstanding about this production is, well, everything –– acting, singing, dancing, staging, sets, lights, costumes. Directed by Brett Smock, this show is Broadway-worthy. Sandy Bainum’s French mother is self-absorbed, finally less influential than the men in young Frank’s life.”

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—Barbara Adams,