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This Christmas

“There’s a new voice in town, and it’s a good one. Sandy Bainum. Just in time for Christmas is her latest album, “This Christmas.” It’s a welcome present, all wrapped up in excellent musical sounds of a lush orchestra of strings, a French horn, a harp, and lots of other glistening goodies to celebrate the season, including one of the best jazz bass players: Jay Leonhart. Sandy Bainum has a commanding voice and she takes charge of all the typical Christmas songs, but with a distinctively different approach. She handles the lyrics with a deft touch, and there are a few original songs tossed in for the icing on the holiday cake. Put Sandy Bainum’s “This Christmas” under your tree for your holiday collection of music. I’m adding to my play list. You should, too.”

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—John Bohannon, WRHU New York

Sandy Bainum’s “S’Wonderful,” A Night of Ira Gershwin” at Signature Theatre’s Sizzlin’ Summer Cabarets

“Gorgeous singing and incredible humor made for a night to remember. Sandy Bainum’s stellar ability to educate the audience on Gershwin while providing an entertaining performance left me wanting more.”

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—Lauren Katz, DC Metro Theater Arts

Sandy Bainum’s Cabaret: “S’Wonderful” – A Night of Ira Gershwin

“Her well-trained, lilting soprano voice also proved to be particularly well-suited to her song selections making her effort all the more impressive. “By Strauss” – a Gershwin brothers’ novelty song featured in Vincente Minnelli’s The Show is On revue as well as the popular 1951 film An American in Paris – in particular allowed her to demonstrate her incredible vocal control and vast range while proving she’s a naturally warm performer….Ultimately, Bainum delivered a performance that would likely be the envy of many a musical theatre performer. Professional, polished and engaging, it was certainly enjoyable.”

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—Jennifer Perry, DC Theater Scene

COMPANY at the Signature Theatre is Just Plain Brilliant

“If you have seen COMPANY before, you must see this version which I believe is the very best production I have ever seen (and I’ve seen many) and I believe could move directly into a Broadway house. If you have never seen COMPANY, now is your chance to see this terrific production.”

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—Charles Shubow,