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“It’s powerful, insightful writing made even finer by a positively stunning Bainum, an all-around splendid supporting cast, sibling directors Brandon Baer and Garrett Baer operating on all cylinders here, and a crème-de-la-crème design team who make Accommodation’s World Premiere look like a million bucks.”

—Steven Stanley, Stage Scene LA

L.A. Stage Insider: Premiere of “Accommodation”

“Like TV’s Abbott Elementary, Greg Burdick’s Accommodation shines a much-needed spotlight on a public school system in crisis. It is this summer’s first absolute must-see.”

—Julio Martinez, L.A. Stage Insider

‘Private’ Short Film that Honors its Noir Roots

“Calloway was hired by a hot woman…scratch that…a beautiful dame (played by Sandy Bainum)…The acting is great from both Steve Blackwood and Sandy Bainum. Its dialogue heavy, and each are up to the challenge, and not afraid to have fun with their parts. Both characters are well-developed. Considering that the movie is only twenty minutes long, it’s a testament to the way they are each played. I liked them both.”

—Matt DeCristo, The Movie Buff

Private (2022) Review

“Private is anchored by two excellent performances that help make their characters more than a stereotypical femme fatal and boozy gumshoe…Sally Danforth (Sandy Bainum, There’s a Special Place in Hell For Fashion Bloggers, Friendly Neighborhood Coven) a chorus girl who married money hired him to find her missing husband.”

—Charlie Barnett, Voices From The Balcony

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