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“Stuck” a Lively, Entertaining Comedy Short

“George (Blackwood) and Helen (Sandy Bainum) are a New York advertising couple less than an hour away from a dinner party with clients. Things are pretty much going as planned, which means, of course, that nothing will go as planned. When Finn (Max Schochet) arrives a knockin’, the house starts rockin’ with a special delivery of the Love Trap 3000.”

—Richard Propes,The Independent Critic

Ever Blondeward

“Actress/dancer/singer Sandy Bainum proved once again on Sunday November 10 that she can do it all. It was the premiere of her new cabaret show Ever Blondeward at Sterling’s Upstairs at the Federal. In the show she payed tribute to great celebrity blondes like Peggy Lee, Doris Day, Mitzi Gaynor, Marilyn Monroe and Betty Hutton, among others, who left their mark on the world as great entertainers. The sold out house were enchanted by Bainum, who is not only beautiful but a glorious singer and raconteur.”

—Don Grigware,Broadway World

Be a Good Little Widow

“The most impressive work is done by Bainum, who has admirable stage presence. She manages to lend believability to her character’s unbelievable transition from patronizing bitchiness to aching vulnerability.”

—Iris Mann,Stage Raw

Be a Good Little Widow

“Be A Good Little Widow is a play filled with emotion, and the entire cast deserves acclaim for their outstanding portrayals.”

—Carol Kaufman Segal,Speaking of the Arts

Be a Good Little Widow Review – Is There a Right Way to Grieve?

“Kudos to the ladies in the production – Adrienne Visnic and Sandy Bainum – who do a splendid and heart-felt job of walking through the minefield that is death, pain, mourning, and adjustment.”

—Elaine Mura,Splash Magazines
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