Bruce Kimmel

Sandy Bainum, Simply

“Sandy Bainum shows she has the stuff Broadway is made of in her latest collection, “Simply.” Working with Producer Bruce Kimmel and Arranger, Orchestrator, and Musical Director Lanny Meyers, her voice soars through the uptempo cabaret tunes, and softly yet strongly delivers the ballads such as on “Goodnight, My Someone” from “The Music Man” which crests at the end as she vibrates through the high registers showing her vocal prowess. Yet, she never indulges in her voice, but uses it for the delivery of the song … as an actress, she serves the art of the songs and tells the stories…”Bluesette,” among others, features Sandy’s jazzy bravado as she bounces in between low and high notes. If anything, she gives us beauty and joy, but behind the simplicity, she and the band are doing a lot of fine hard work. …Sandy Bainum shows she has the vocal chops as well as the acting chops to light up the stage for years to come.”

The Sandy Bainum collection “Simply” is – simply – a knockout!

“There is not one track on the album that is not brilliantly sung and perfectly and uniquely arranged. Rodgers & Hart’s “Where or When” is dressed in a great, fresh tempo – delightful. Sandy’s version of “A Cockeyed Optimist makes you long to see her as Nellie Forbush. “Goodnight My Someone” as well, conjuring up a vision of her in a “Music Man” revival. The Helen Reddy 70s hit “You and Me Against the World” is lusciously revived. The Fields and Schwartz classic “Make the Man Love Me” becomes something new thanks to Sandy Bainum’s reading and a sparkling arrangement.”

Inside Out

“Under Bruce Kimmel’s pizzazzy direction, Broadway and regional theater vets Sandy Bainum, Jill Marie Burke, Cynthia Ferrer, Stephanie Fredricks, Dana Meller, and Adrienne Visnic simply could not be more sensational as a sextet of modern women (of the ‘90s), nor Haverty’s book more delightfully witty and perceptive, nor Haverty and Russ’s songs more infectiously hummable, nor the women onstage at GTC any more fascinating and complex.”

Inside Out

“Effervescent East-to-West-Coast transplant Bainum is a just-right mix of power and vulnerability as Liz.”

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