Doug Haverty

Inside Out

“Under Bruce Kimmel’s pizzazzy direction, Broadway and regional theater vets Sandy Bainum, Jill Marie Burke, Cynthia Ferrer, Stephanie Fredricks, Dana Meller, and Adrienne Visnic simply could not be more sensational as a sextet of modern women (of the ‘90s), nor Haverty’s book more delightfully witty and perceptive, nor Haverty and Russ’s songs more infectiously hummable, nor the women onstage at GTC any more fascinating and complex.”

Inside Out

“Effervescent East-to-West-Coast transplant Bainum is a just-right mix of power and vulnerability as Liz.”

INSIDE OUT Rocks the Grove Theater Center

“Celebrating its 20th anniversary the little musical “Inside Out” by Doug Haverty and Adryan Russ throws a boldly bright spotlight on the positive loving effects of group therapy. Based on the actual accounts of women who joined a group in the early 90s, “Inside Out” shares their stories…and the music is not only part of the plot, as pop singer Dena (Leslie Stevens) agonizes over the challenges of making a comeback, but more urgently becomes the almost guaranteed therapeutic force of nature for the entire piece. Six outstanding singers/actresses under the uber skilled direction of Bruce Kimmel dispense advice and sing and move with electrifying verve.”


“Liz (Sandy Bainum) is a high powered businesswoman, mother and wife to an aspiring Chef house-husband who wants more of her time…Hitting every note, musically and emotionally, this grand cast of women is made up of an undeniably superb ensemble of talented artists. Sandy, Cynthia, Stephanie, Dana, Meller, Leslie and Adrienne, thank you for a wonderful night of musical theatre.”

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