Norris Theater

What A Treat, The Current Norris Theatre’s 42nd St. Revival!

“Another standout performance is by Sandy Bainum, playing the leading lady, Dorothy Brock, in a well-measured balance of Broadway Diva and Older and Wiser Veteran Star passing the baton along to the up and coming. BWW Review: WHAT A TREAT, THE CURRENT NORRIS THEATRE’S 42ND STREET REVIVAL!Ms. Bainum was in the original David Merrick production, as Anytime Annie, and proves she is well-rounded and versatile and has had a long-lasting career.”

42nd St. WOW!

“Though seasoned male ingénue Billy Lawlor (Austin MIller) is immediately taken with Peggy, a (literal) run-in with famed Broadway director Julian (Kevin Bailey) does not put the would-be star in the director’s good graces, nor is diva extraordinaire Dorothy Brock (Sandy Bainum) likely to be charmed by a singer-actress who can actually cut the rug.”

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