Sandy Bainum

The Power of Charisma in Theatre

“What’s outstanding about this production is, well, everything –– acting, singing, dancing, staging, sets, lights, costumes. Directed by Brett Smock, this show is Broadway-worthy. Sandy Bainum’s French mother is self-absorbed, finally less influential than the men in young Frank’s life.”

Private: Out of the Shadows

“What starts as a seemingly generic detective piece, intensifies into a tangled battle of morals. In a low budget drama that largely takes place in a single room, the performances must carry the story; and both Blackwood and Bainum deliver on all counts. “

Sandy Bainum Albums


We all need to dream a little, to aspire to do all that we truly want to do. And through this CD, I hope that others will be gently reminded of the hopes and dreams they may have left behind. It’s never too late to dream.

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