Steve Blackwood

Private: Out of the Shadows

“What starts as a seemingly generic detective piece, intensifies into a tangled battle of morals. In a low budget drama that largely takes place in a single room, the performances must carry the story; and both Blackwood and Bainum deliver on all counts. “


“Such concerns the goings-on of George (Blackwood) and Helen Simon (Sandy Bainum). They are a couple from New York, employed in advertising, who are thrust into a situation of dire emergency. The duo bought a machine of an erotic nature…”

“Stuck” a Lively, Entertaining Comedy Short

“George (Blackwood) and Helen (Sandy Bainum) are a New York advertising couple less than an hour away from a dinner party with clients. Things are pretty much going as planned, which means, of course, that nothing will go as planned. When Finn (Max Schochet) arrives a knockin’, the house starts rockin’ with a special delivery of the Love Trap 3000.”

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