Talkin’ Broadway

It Might Be Fun

“Smiles come in many varieties in song: there’s the big uncomplicated grin; the smiling-through-tears search for the elusive silver lining; the gritted-teeth smile that’s fueled by determination and survival skills. Sandy Bainum flashes all these smiles in It Might Be Fun….The songs are all likeable ones by Bruce Kimmel and arranged by Lanny Meyers; the trio worked together before on the Kritzerland label and it shows.…A huge orchestra brings a lush, full sound—lovingly balanced and brought out to serve the songs rather wallpaper or overwhelm them.”

A Gem

“These days, it seems that every singer has to put out an album of Christmas songs. Most are pleasant and forgettable. But not this one. It’s a gem.”

This Christmas

“Sunny spirits can indeed cut through winter’s chill and warm up stale staples. The very sunny Sandy Bainum still believes in Christmas and makes it work. Musical director Lanny Meyers (who also wrote the CD’s closer, the blissful “Blessings of the Season”) inspires with sparkle and shine in arrangements and orchestrations that are punchy and full of musical theatre splash rather than the heavy sugar coating that ossify some traditional holiday albums. Production values are as strong as the family values embraced in the sincerely rendered hearth-and-home-sweet-home moments. Well-sung, confidently cozy, it’s an album that does not overplay the nostalgia or pep of the season.”

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